New chapter begins for Bondi Shule – Australian Jewish News Pipa News

New chapter begins for Bondi Shule – Australian Jewish News

After an estimated five-year visit – in the midst of a pandemic – the new multi-million-dollar remodel of Nefesh synagogue, a three-story remodel of its Roscoe Street, Bondi site, a sprawling new synagogue and community center has been completed.

Rabbi Aaron Moss said last month’s Shabbat service at Schule was indeed a joyous occasion, and in three weeks, it has already hosted a three-time mitzvah and a bat mitzvah.

“It really felt like a homecoming for our congregation, because we’ve been ‘wandering Jews’ for a long time – getting together online and in other places – so there was a strong desire to get back home.” ,” said Rabbi Moss.

One of three bar mitzvahs held since the opening of the new Nefesh synagogue last month.

In addition to a beautiful new synagogue, the reconstruction includes large ceremony halls, several multi-purpose spaces and classrooms, children’s education, activity and play areas, and inviting spaces for meeting and socializing.

“It is huge, but it will have the same spirit and energy as before, because it is the people who generate it.

“However, what will enable the new building’s multi-purpose spaces – and how we designed it that way – is here for all kinds of classes, activities, simchas, events and functions – it will be a true community center.”

Rabbi Moss said that although many hurdles and unexpected delays had to be overcome – from multiple lockdowns to skyrocketing building and construction material costs – “it is certainly worth the long wait.

“If there was one thing we all learned from the pandemic, it was that things might not go according to schedule.

“And it was really a communal effort throughout the process, with donations – both big and small – to get us there.

“We have installed a sponsored Simcha Wall that is located in the front courtyard, and a large army of people contributed to this project – including some who had not previously donated – for which we are truly grateful. Huh.

“I would say that there were many small miracles along the way, and people are so eager to get out now and after living with COVID for almost two years, the timing of Nephesh’s reopening is really perfect.”

A Torah scroll is being carried inside the new prong.

In a touch of good, but unplanned, timing, the upcoming Rosh Hashanah services in Shool will be held exactly 20 years after Nephesh’s first service, which was held in the old Hakoa Club’s card room just down the street.

Like Nephesh, Hakoa Club is entering an era of renovation, with construction recently underway to build a new club and sports facilities at the White City site in Rushcutters Bay.

To learn more about the new Nefesh Schule and Community Center, visit go to

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