New headache for ruling party.. New slogan for seats – News18 Telugu Pipa News

New headache for ruling party.. New slogan for seats – News18 Telugu

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BRS Politics: Election heat is visible in Telangana. All the parties are currently in election mood. In the official BRS, tickets panchayat has also started. Gadwala ZP Chairperson Sairtha’s comments saying that untouchability and inequality in the society will be removed only if the BCs get the state power is igniting political heat in BRS. He said without saying that he will contest with BC’s Ejanda in Gadwala constituency. He said that if he stands by him, he will succeed. Gadwala politics has heated up once with these comments. In Gadwala constituency, Bandla Krishna Mohan Reddy (Bandla Krishna Mohan Reddy) on behalf of BRS party won the election in 2018 with a majority of 30 thousand votes over his nearest candidate DK Aruna.

Sarita, who was elected as the Manavpadu ZPTC in the local body elections, took office as the Chairperson of ZP with the approval of reservations. From the very beginning, the struggle for supremacy in Gadwala district as MLA versus ZP Chairperson has been going on. As the elections are approaching, these political arguments have suddenly increased.

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Nagar Kurnool District

She said that she is ready to contest in the Gadwala constituency and all the people belonging to the weaker sections should support her in a meeting held at Maldakal mandal center. MLA Bandla Krishnamohan Reddy, who is currently an MLA, made strong remarks in this assembly organized under the name of Gadwala Yuva Chaitanya Sadasm. In Nadigadda, the weak communities are still looked down upon by the Badugu, so if this system is to change, the BC communities should own political power.

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He said that some people in Gadwala constituency are afraid that if he comes to the meeting, he will cut off the electricity, and he criticized him bitterly that he will stir up trouble in the name of castes. With this announcement, politics has reached a level where green grass is being planted between the two communities. Even in the spiritual gatherings held recently, as clashes broke out between the two groups, some kind of controversy keeps breaking out in the spiritual gatherings held in every mandal.

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But ZP Chairperson Sarita is currently in BRS party. If she contests in the Gadwala constituency, from which party will she enter the arena, political analysis has started to see who will influence the voters against MLA Bandla Krishnamohan Reddy. Overall, if there is a contest between senior leaders former minister DK Aruna, current MLA Bandla Krishnamohan Reddy and ZP Chairperson Sarita, a three-way battle will take place in Gadwal constituency.

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