New Honda City to overtake Toyota Yaris sales in 2022 Pipa News

New Honda City to overtake Toyota Yaris sales in 2022

2020 saw the debut of the Toyota Yaris in Pakistan, where it immediately dominated the B-segment auto market. Even though it was only the fifth generation of the Honda City, which had a monopoly on this market for a long time, Honda eventually overtook the most modern Toyota Yaris.

The Toyota Yaris was Pakistan’s best-selling sedan for a full year, before the venerable 11th generation Toyota Corolla reclaimed the top spot. Despite Yaris sales cutting in half for Corolla sales and the phasing-out of 1.3L Corolla variants in favor of B-segment models, the C-segment Toyota Corolla is still the best-selling sedan in the country.

However, the B-segment car segment is back in favor with the new Honda, and the Honda City has once again overtaken the Toyota Yaris following the arrival of the 6th generation City in mid-2021. Although it was a model that was liked everywhere, it was definitely more attractive than the rebadged Yaris. The results have now benefited the Honda City. The sixth-generation Honda will outsell the Toyota Yaris in 2022 by 19,860 units, or an average of 1,655 units per month.

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