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Show some love to Kirby, and his hunger, Nagoya,

A deep culinary affinity isn’t a prerequisite for getting your own themed restaurant for a hit anime or video game series. It always feels more appropriate, though, when it’s a franchise that actually features a lot of on-screen eating, and hence the announcement that A new kirby cafe is opening extra appropriate.

The latest branch of the cafe is dedicated to the circular star Nintendo The diners in the video game series will be waiting nagoya, Aichi Prefecture. The city’s food is criminally under-appreciated, often overshadowing the restaurant scenes in Osaka and Kyoto, but Kirby Café is ready to shine some starlight on some local Nagoya favorites miso katsuA deep-fried pork cutlet slathered with miso sauce.

Waddle De Miso Katsu BurgerPictured above, comes with a side of Meat Sauce Spaghetti, Star Block Omelet, and Health Restoring Maxim Tomato, At 2,948 yen (US$22.15), the price may be a bit shocking at first, but it also Comes with souvenir platewhich is not for sale by itself.

Kirby Inhaling Fried Lobster Dog Another Nagoya specialty, tenmusu, or tempura shrimp appears to be a nod to rice balls. It also comes with a star block omelet for 1,628 yen (Kirby inhaling food-holder tableware not included), as well as some stellar-style tater tots.

And if you, like Kirby, always have room for dessert, then Kirby Peach (Peach Parfait) (yes, the heart is officially part of its name) will give you several layers of fruit flavor to end your meal with 1,628 yen, along with The glass is yours to take home,

The restaurant says it’s a parfait glass, but it looks like it would work just fine as a beer glass, too.

The above three items are exclusive to Nagoya Kirby Cafe, but there is also a new Waddle de Town Afternoon Tea Set (3,520 yen) which will be offered at the Tokyo and Hakata branches of the chain as well as the Nagoya location.

Although not yet shown in concept art, Nagoya will also be in Kirby Cafe A takeout window modeled after Kirby and the Forgotten Land’s waddle de-liveries counter,

Nagoya Kirby Cafe opens September 15, which is also when Wadle de Town afternoon tea will be added to Tokyo and Haneda’s menus. that the Nagoya branch will be a limited time affair will last till February 5So if you’re a fan, make like Kirby and don’t even waste time trying to suppress your appetite.

restaurant information
Kirby Cafe / Nagoya
Address: Aichi-ken, Nagoya-shi,, Naka-ku, Saka 3-29-1, Nagoya Parko 2nd Floor
3-29-1 PARCO 2F
PARCO 2F(愛知県名古屋市中区栄3-29-1)
Open from 11 am to 8 pm
Runs from 15 September to 5 February
Reservations (can be done from 12th August at 6pm)

Source, Image: PR Times
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