New technology ready to make a splash in USB port iPhone

New technology ready to make a splash in USB port iPhone

Web Desk: Apple’s new technology is going to hit the market. For iPhones, the Lightning port for charging will now be replaced by a USB port. This port will lead to amazing changes in the iPhone.

According to a recent Bloomberg report and Apple predicting analyst Ming Chi Qiu, the USB 15 port will be made part of the iPhone 15 in the iPhone 15 instead of the iPhone 14.

This will eliminate the use of the Lightning port for charging in iPhones for more than a decade.

This is a demand that has been made by consumers for a long time and is now likely to be implemented but will have to wait another year.

The report cites sources close to the claim, which Apple has not yet confirmed.

Although the iPhone 14 is also expected to feature the Lightning port, Apple reports that Apple is developing a special adapter that will also work on USBBCI phones with accessories with Lightning ports in the future. Will facilitate

Ming Chi Qiu said in his tweet that the transfer and charging speed of the iPhone from the USB port will increase, but the speed will depend on the future hardware.

Switching to a USB port would mean that adapters available for Android phones could potentially be used to charge iPhones.

The report did not say why Apple was considering changing the charging port after so many years, but the possible reason could be a European Union law requiring all companies to use USB in all smartphones. Use connectors and ports.

The European Union (EU) says this will help reduce the amount of electronics waste and help combat climate change.

This law will be applicable till 2026.



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