new zealand oakland two gujarati youngsters anshu and saurin died sinking in ocean Pipa News

new zealand oakland two gujarati youngsters anshu and saurin died sinking in ocean

Two Gujarati youths died in New Zealand

Two Gujarati youths have drowned at Piha Beach in Auckland, New Zealand. The families of the two youths said that they could not swim, and it is believed that they died because of this. Regarding this, the Second Secretary of the Indian High Commission, Durgadas, while talking to the local media of Auckland, said that the names of these two youths were Saurin Nayankumar Patel and Anshu, who were both natives of Ahmedabad.

The youths had New Zealand work visas
Both Saurin and Anshu were found to have New Zealand work permits. Electrical engineer Nayan Patel came to New Zealand in August, while Anshu Shah, who arrived in November, was working as a cashier at a gas station.

The two youths lived in the same room and both had New Zealand work visas. The two youths, who had arrived for an outing at Auckland’s Piha Beach, plunged into the sea where they died. Robert Ferguson, president of the United North Piha Surf Lifesaving Club, gave all the necessary information about how the incident happened and what was done to save.

Attempts were made to save the youth
Robert also praised Ferguson for the help of his fellow lifeguards and local people in trying to save the two young men. However, both the youths lost their lives within 30 minutes of reaching the Piha beach. Due to this incident, everyone including the locals are sad.

The team had given a call for rescue operation based on which a boat was sent to the area. But by the time the rescue team reached the spot, Anshu and Nayan had stopped surfacing and had drowned, according to the official. In the meantime, they came to know from the family members that neither of them can swim. The place where Anshu and Nayan fell into the sea is considered to be the most dangerous place on the beach. And they died by falling into the sea and not being able to swim.

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How did the incident happen?
When the incident took place, the volunteer lifeguards were returning from a patrol when a member from the watch tower saw 2 people descending into the water from a place called Line Rock near the mouth of the river. The member immediately directed the captain of the patrol squad to prevent people from swimming away from the dangerous spot. A team was sent to prevent the two youths from floating there and to ask them to be careful. But when he reached half way, he saw that both the youths were drowning in the water. Later both the youths could not be saved and both died.

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