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No medicine, just baking soda: Court acquits man in 2016 case

In a recent order, a special court acquitted a man in a drugs case after a forensic report showed that the ‘drug’ seized was actually baking soda.

Mayuresh Parkar was arrested in 2016 for being found in possession of 100 grams of mephedrone (MD). He was released on bail in 2017. He had recently filed a discharge application in the Special Court on the basis of the report of the Chemical Analyst. The report dated March 27, 2017 analyzed a sample of ‘drug’ submitted by investigators from Dadar police station. Citing the report, Parkar said the sample was of sodium carbonate and not of narcotic drug or psychotropic substance.

The Special Public Prosecutor had said that the report stated that the sample was sodium carbonate, but this cannot be a ground to acquit the accused from the case.

He also said that the report was not conclusive. Parkar was booked under the Narcotic Drugs and Psychotropic Substances Act, which prohibits possession of drugs.

“… the CA report submitted by the prosecution dtd. 27.03.2017 shows that “The display does not contain mephedrone, however, Na (sodium) and CO3 (carbonate) radicals are found in the exhibit. It does not indicate that there were any drugs or psychotropic substances in the sample sent to FSL. Special Judge VG Raghuvanshi, in his order, said that there is no sufficient ground to proceed against the applicant/accused, hence this application deserves to be accepted.


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