Nomination form received by Sasi Tharoor—Sep. Petition filed on 30?- Dinamani Pipa News

Nomination form received by Sasi Tharoor—Sep. Petition filed on 30?- Dinamani

Shashi Tharoor received the nomination form for contesting the Congress president election through his close aide on Saturday. He filed his nomination on Sept. Informed sources said that it will be filed on the 30th.

As Rajasthan Chief Minister Ashok Khelat announced on Friday that he will contest the Congress leadership election, it is certain that Shashi Tharoor will also contest.

As the filing of nominations for this election began on Saturday, Alim Zaveri, his close aide, received the nomination form on behalf of Sasi Tharoor at the party’s central election committee chief Madhusudhan Mistry’s office.

Since the support of 10 state committee members is required to file nominations, get their signatures and send them on Sept. It is said that Sasi Tharoor will file a petition on 30th. That is the last date for submission of nominations.

As the contest between Gehlot and Shashi Tharoor has emerged in the election of the Congress leader, the party is going to face such a contest after 20 years.

Earlier, Shashi Tharoor had met party leader Sonia Gandhi last Monday. Party sources informed that Shashi Tharoor expressed his desire to contest the Thalaivar election and Sonia told him that she would stay neutral in the election.

Scrutiny of nominations for Congress President election will be held on October 1. October 8 is the last date to withdraw the petition. The final shortlist will be released later that evening. The draw will be held on October 17 and the result will be announced on October 19. More than 9,000 state committee members are voting.

In the last 2000, there was a contest in the elections for the post of Congress leader. Then, Sonia won by defeating Jitendra Prasada. Before that, Sitaram Kesari became the leader after defeating Sarath Pawar and Rajesh Pilot in the last election in 1997.

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