“Not a single question has been leaked, there is no use in sabotaging it to do it on purpose,” claimed the board president. Pipa News

“Not a single question has been leaked, there is no use in sabotaging it to do it on purpose,” claimed the board president.

Ivy Adak, March 2: ‘Not a single question was leaked. No one has benefited from the deliberate sabotage, claimed the board president. The president of the board also claimed that everyone did well in the math test. Ramanuja Gangopadhyay, president of Madhyamiksha Parshad, visited various examination centers in Howrah on the day of Madhyamik Maths examination on Thursday.

Regarding the complaint that the candidates were not given graph paper in the numerical test, the president of the board said, ‘We had notified. We also informed. There was a confusion. The amount that was there should be done in the book. We have told the students not to draw graphs like you normally do. Draw the way you’re supposed to draw.’ At the beginning of Madhyamik, there was talk of leaking questions somewhere, Madhya Shiksha Parshad President Ramanuja Gangopadhyay said, ‘Not a single question has been leaked. It is intended to be hata. No one benefited from this sabotage. We are very happy people have come to consciousness. All responded to our request. With the good efforts of the administration, no one tried to make such an incident happen again. Such an incident did not happen. That’s why the exam is going smoothly this time.’

Incidentally, this time during the secondary examination, Ramanuja Gangopadhyay, president of the Madhyamiksha period, is visiting the examination centers from district to district. On Thursday, he came to Howrah on the day of the secondary math exam. Visit various test centers. The President of the Board examines what kind of action has been taken in the exam. On this day he visited Belur High School including Shivpur BE Model, Shivpur Pragyananda, Shivpur Hindu Girls, Howrah Hat High School, Balitikuri Muktaram in Howrah. Dibyendu Mukherjee, state president of West Bengal Trinamool Secondary Teachers’ Association and others were present. It is to be noted that this is the first time that a board president himself is visiting the examination center in the district. On this day he went to several examination centers. Talk to the examiners. He reviewed the measures taken in the examination centers in the district. He also checks whether the instructions given by the board are being obeyed or not.

Ramanuja Gangopadhyay, president of the Board of Secondary Education, said, ‘Today I visited some schools in Howrah Sadar. Today, as the students and parents worry about the maths exam, and this maths exam, everyone has overcome that worry. All have done well in the exam. I go to schools every day. Seeing how the candidates are taking the exam. Thanking them for seeing how good work is being done following the instructions of the board. The more districts we see the better. That’s why I’m traveling. i am very happy It was also very necessary to motivate the way they are working in the schools I visited today in Howrah. It is a novel experience for us too.’

He also said, ‘I am getting a good response for the first time this year by introducing the monitoring system. Very smooth response from 5 percent Venu. 15 percent of Venu had minor issues with OTP, connectivity. Apart from that we are not getting any other problem. Although it is the first year, I have benefited a lot from this monitoring system. From next time it will work on a better medium.’

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