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Now phone number is not required for chatting on WhatsApp, username will work

New Delhi. In order to send a message to someone in the popular messaging platform WhatsApp owned by Meta, it is mandatory to have their contact number. This thing often bothers users that on sending a WhatsApp message to someone, their number gets automatically shared. Now the platform has taken steps towards providing better privacy related to it and instead of the mobile number of the users, their usernames will be shown.


The new WhatsApp feature is currently in development mode and it will ask users to set a username. Just as users currently choose a username for their Instagram or Twitter account, they will have to create a unique username for WhatsApp as well. This username will appear in place of the contact number in the coming days and messaging someone on WhatsApp will not require their phone number.

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Hints of changes found in beta version
WABetaInfo, a platform that monitors WhatsApp updates and new features, has reported that the latest Android beta build has indicated new changes. The publication wrote, “The update on the Google Play Store for the latest WhatsApp beta for Android version has revealed a major feature in this build.” Shared screenshots have revealed that a new username menu may appear soon in the app settings on WhatsApp.

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These settings will appear in the profile section
It has been said in the report that in the app settings, users will be given the option to set their username, with the help of which they will be able to connect with others. This username will act as an identity on the chatting app and the settings related to it can be made a part of the profile section. Currently, users are given the option to change their name, profile photo or active status. The name given by the user whose number is not saved is visible to the rest of the contacts along with the number.

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Mobile number work will end
After choosing a new username, the dependence on the mobile number of WhatsApp users will end completely. WhatsApp will take the help of phone numbers only for contact identification but it will not be shared with others. The username will be shown on the app instead of the phone number and with the help of this username only chatting can be started with anyone. However, the rest of the information related to how the system related to the username will work on WhatsApp, may be revealed in the next few weeks.

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