Odisha train accident in a room full of dead bodies young man said I am alive give me water imt Pipa News

Odisha train accident in a room full of dead bodies young man said I am alive give me water imt

New Delhi : After the train accident in Odisha, the bodies were kept in a school room, from where a young man was found alive. According to reports, after the train accident on Friday, Robin Naya (35) was unconscious, but was presumed dead and left in a school room with the bodies. When the rescue personnel entered the room, Robin, holding the feet of one of them with his hands, moaned and said, “I am alive, not dead, please give me water.”

This information has been revealed on Tuesday. After the accident in Balasore, Robin’s family has been happy with this news. According to the report, after the Odisha train accident, the rooms of the government school were turned into temporary morgues to keep the dead bodies. Several bodies were kept in one room.

While the rescue personnel were taking the bodies for post-mortem, they were busy identifying some of the bodies. In this regard, when the rescue personnel entered the room of the school, one of them felt that someone was holding his legs, then he heard a voice saying, ‘I am alive. I am not dead. Please give me water’.

The rescue personnel immediately gave the young man water and immediately took him to the hospital. The person was identified as Robin Naya, a resident of Charnikhali village in North 24 Parganas of West Bengal. Rabin is undergoing treatment in the orthopedic ward of Madanipur Medical College Hospital. He has lost both his legs in this accident.

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He was traveling in the Kuru Mandal Express along with seven other people from his village and all of them were going to Andhra Pradesh from Howrah in search of employment. According to the news of India Today, the information about Robin’s six other friends has not been found. They are being reported missing.

The June 2 train accident is the second such accident in Naya’s family. Robin’s uncle narrowly escaped the 2010 derailment of the Gianeshwari Express in West Madanipur, which killed 148 people. At that time, the Gianeshwari Express derailed and collided with a goods vehicle coming from the opposite direction.

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