On the occasion of navratri more than 35 varieties of clay lamps will be found in this market. AGP – News18 Gujarati Pipa News

On the occasion of navratri more than 35 varieties of clay lamps will be found in this market. AGP – News18 Gujarati

Parth Patel, Ahmedabad : Ahmedabad Haat This haat has been prepared under the Central Government Awarded Urban Haat scheme to provide the urban market to the handicraft artisans. This time, Kutchi Navratri Handicrafts Fair has been organized especially on the occasion of Navratri festival. This haat is buzzing round the year.

Buying directly from the artisans is a golden opportunity

Artifacts produced by artisans and direct purchases from artisans are available in this haat, representing the grand and intimate culture of the entire country. In this haat, facilities like exhibition hall for handicrafts and artisans, paved sales stalls and dormitory for artisans have been created.

1. Khatri Ramiz Ali Mohammad

He is a native of Kutch-Bhuj. They are found in cotton, modern silk, georgean, bandhani etc.

2. Becharbhai Rabari

Heirloom embroidery is seen there. In which the pylon, chalk, workpiece, border strip are made by themselves. In embroidery work, Kutchi work, Rabari Bharat, Abhala work are seen.

3. Viren Thakkar

They have hand made shoes, socks, katchi silk socks and leather items, purses, bags and non-leather items, fancy items.

4. Bilal Ibrahim Potter

He is a native of Khawda in Kutch. He has also received awards at National and State. Items made from their clay are known as Khavada Painted Pottery. Their creations include curd containers, cups, glasses, lamps and clay vessels like Diwalia of lamps.

More than 35 varieties are also found in Diwa. Apart from this bell, pot etc. are also seen.

The purpose of this exhibition is to provide more profit to the artisans and to preserve the precious handicraft heritage of the country. In which more than 125 stalls displaying Kutchi handicrafts have been organized this time.

Items like block print, ajrakh print, patchwork etc. are available

Katchi embroidery, bandhani, chaniacholi, woolen shawl, block print, ajrakh print, patchwork, tanglia, lacquer painting, copperbell, mud-mirror work, patola saree, ludia karveeg etc. are seen in this fair. Apart from this, handicrafts, handicrafts, embroidery, pearl work, leather work, pottery, jewellery, woodwork and many different items of home decoration are also found.

Address : Ahmedabad Hat, Near Vastrapur Lake, Ahmedabad. The exhibition timings are from 12.00 pm to 9.00 pm.

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