Online with Nadiad PNB Bank Clerk Rs. 3.90 lakh fraud Pipa News

Online with Nadiad PNB Bank Clerk Rs. 3.90 lakh fraud

Updated: Mar 1st, 2023

– Payment of electric bill through mobile became heavy

– After gaining trust, Gathia asked for necessary details and withdrew money from the bank account

Nadiad: A resident of Ratanpur of Matar taluka was identified by a mobile phone holder as speaking from Electric City Bill Update Customer Vadodara, took the resident into confidence and opened a link called bill payment on his phone, downloaded an app called Quick Report and filled in information such as Aadhaar card number and PAN card number of the resident of Ratanpur. A total of Rs.3,90,341 of different transactions from the account on different dates was committed online fraud and cybercrime.

Based on the complaint of a resident of Ratanpur regarding this incident, the Matar police have registered a case of fraud against the unknown Easam and taken legal action.

According to police sources, Kadirsha Subasa Diwan (age 57) lives with his family in Ratanpur Asia Park Society of Matar taluk. He supports the family by working as a clerk in Nadiad Punjab National Bank. He has an OD account with Punjab National Bank. He was present at the job in the bank on 24th February. At that time, he received a message from MGVCL (GEB) in his mobile phone. In which you have to update to pay the next month’s light bill. After reading the message, Kadirsha Diwan’s phone received a phone call in the evening and said that I am speaking from MGVCL Customer Care Baroda. You have to update the data to pay the next bill of MGVCL. He told to open a link in his mobile called Electric City Bill Update HTTPS: BILL PAYMENTTELECTRI WIXSITE.COM/ELECTRICITY BILLPAYME, he opened the link and downloaded an app called Quick Report in it Aadhaar card number, PAN card number and account number and mobile number of Kadirsha Diwan. Immediately after adding, Rs.10 was deducted from their account and after that another Rs.24900 was deducted, so calling the phone number given to Kadirsha Dewa, they said that your money has been deducted due to this system error. Your money will be credited back to your account within 24 hours. Said that but the next day on 25/2/23 received a call saying that your money has been returned Kadirsha Diwa refused so they have not reported the system.

You have to update again. Then your money will be returned. Talking about that while sending the link to update Kadirsha Diwan again Rs.10 thousand was deducted from his account immediately after that Rs.57990 and then Rs.10-10 were deducted from his account so that Kadirsha Diwan scolded the above mobile holder saying that the system does not support . Switched off the phone saying you have to update frequently.

On 24th, 25th and 26th, Rs.3,90,341 was deducted from their account. Regarding this incident, based on the complaint of Kadirsha Diwan, Matar police have registered a case of fraud against unknown Esam and conducted further investigation.

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