Only Imran Khan is responsible for the destruction of the country’s economy, Miftah Ismail – Pakistan

Miftah Ismail says that during Imran Khan’s tenure, the dollar went from 122 to 190 and the country’s debt went from 25 thousand billion to 44 thousand billion rupees. .

Federal Minister of Finance and Revenue Miftah Ismail has said in his Twitter message that from the stories of Tosha Khana to demands for foreign funding and jewelery for Farah Khan in exchange for 190 million pounds, we know who the thief is, we know who. Corrupt, lying and incompetent, Imran Khan and only Imran Khan is responsible for the destruction of the country’s economy.

The federal finance minister said that when Imran Khan came to power, the dollar was 122 rupees and Pakistan’s debt was 25 thousand billion rupees, and when his government ended, the value of the dollar was 190 rupees and Pakistan’s debt reached 44 thousand billion rupees. .

He said that in the last year of Imran Khan’s government, domestic exports reached 80 billion dollars and the highest trade deficit in the country’s history was recorded.

The Federal Minister of Finance says that Imran Khan has left the country’s energy sector in serious disarray, his government did not sign gas and fuel agreements, the revolving debt in the electricity sector is 2500 billion and the revolving debt of the gas sector is 1500 billion. billion rupees, only in the last financial year the revolving credit of electricity has increased by 850 billion rupees.

Miftah Ismail said that Imran Khan broke the agreement with IMF for his friends and ATMs, tax amnesty scheme was given to reward his friends and ATMs, he created fuel subsidy net for the new government. and brought the country to the brink of bankruptcy.

He says that Pakistan Muslim League-N and allied parties started connecting straws at the cost of their political assets and we saved Pakistan from bankruptcy, which we are proud of.


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