Ontario patients who refuse transfer to an LTC won’t have to pay $1800 a day, Ford says Pipa News

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Ontario patients who refuse to leave a hospital for a long-term care facility they have not chosen will not be forced to pay $1800 a day, Prime Minister Doug Ford says, but it is not clear how much they will have to pay if they refuse a transfer .

Ford was asked about Bill 7 in Queen’s Park on Tuesday after meeting Prime Minister Justin Trudeau who focused on health care, housing, immigration and infrastructure. Healthcare, Ford said, was the top priority.

When asked how much patients might have to pay if they decline a wire transfer, Ford said $1,800 is “absolutely ridiculous” but that hospitals and Ontario Health are figuring out what the bill amount might be.

“We will have to calculate a price and the hospitals will have to calculate the costs,” he said. “People dictate that — it’s not me personally… But I can pretty much guarantee you it won’t be $1800.”

Ford said both he and Trudeau agreed “the status quo isn’t working” when it comes to health care delivery, as county hospitals struggle with a nurse shortage that has forced some emergency departments to be temporarily closed for hours or days. to be. time in recent months.

Ford says he’s confident a deal involving an increase in federal health care funding will come at some point after the recent
meetings with Trudeau and other federal ministers.

On Monday, the Ford administration passed a motion to skip public hearings for Bill 7, legislation that allows hospital patients awaiting long-term care to be moved to a home without their consent.

Hospitals would have to make “reasonable efforts” to obtain patient consent, but the bill would theoretically allow patients to be involuntarily moved to a temporary long-term care home while waiting for a bed in their preferred facility. .

Currently, in some cases, if a patient refuses to be moved to a long-term care facility of their choice, a hospital can formally discharge them and charge a daily uninsured rate, which can cost about $1,500 or more per day.

Both the NDP and Liberals have argued that regulations supporting the legislation would allow patients in northern Ontario to be moved up to 300km from their homes. Meanwhile, in most of Southern Ontario, patients could be moved up to 100 km away and those in cities up to 30 km from their homes.

However, Long-Term Care Minister Paul Calandra and his ministry say discussions with stakeholders on specific regulations are underway and will be presented to the legislature within a week of Bill 7 receiving royal assent.


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