Opportunity for students to become ambassadors! – Kesari Pipa News

Opportunity for students to become ambassadors! – Kesari

New National Education Policy

Pune: The University Grants Commission (UGC) has taken up a unique initiative of making the students themselves broadcasters for the effective implementation of the new National Education Policy. A ‘NEP Chariot’ has been designed to promote higher education provisions and recommendations. Three students from each educational institution across the country will be selected as Sarathis. The students who will act as ambassadors, it was clarified by the UGC.

The commission has sent a letter to all the universities and educational institutions of the country and asked them to select three students. The information has to be submitted to the commission by June 6. There will be many reforms in the Indian education system through NEP. It has more emphasis on quality, equity and availability of education. The role of students will be important in this process. Also, it is equally necessary for the Vice-Chancellor, Principal, Director, Professor, Staff of the Universities.


NEP Sarathi is an initiative by UGC to create awareness about various reforms in higher education by increasing student participation. Students will be encouraged to promote the policy and increase participation in strict implementation of the policy provisions in educational institutions.

Required skills

Three students should be selected from any discipline

Students should have good personality.

Excellent communication skills, leadership qualities required

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