Opposition to the introduction of the ambulance as a vehicle unfit to run on the road – what is the reason?

Opposition is growing to the police assistant inspector who introduced the ambulance as an unqualified vehicle to run on the road without any document in Panakhudi.

Leaflets had been distributed and advertised for the last 2 days that a new ambulance service would be launched for public use in Panakudi, Nellai district. In this situation the ambulance inauguration ceremony was held before the Panakhudi police station.

This was initiated by Assistant Inspector Arun Raja of the police station. It was also attended by officials from the medical department. The ambulance was parked in front of the Panagudi police station and the inauguration ceremony was held as it exited from there.


In this case, the insurance for the ambulance vehicle ended in 2009. Similarly, the FC stability of the vehicle ended in 2010. And no road tax has been levied on that vehicle since 2012.

To be like this, a police assistant inspector introduced a vehicle that had not been confirmed for ten years as an ambulance vehicle and this area has become a hot topic among the people. The public has demanded that the vehicle be impounded and action taken before the accident occurs.



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