Order to hold parents’ conference on August 15 in 32,444 primary schools of the state

In the government schools of the state (Gujarat Education Department), a problem is often seen that the student passes in the next class, but actually he has no knowledge of the class in which he has studied. There is always a question about the quality of the state’s government schools (Gujarat Government School), due to which preparations have been started to hold parent’s meetings in 32,444 primary schools of the state to improve the education of primary school children on the Independence Day of the state.

The Education Department has ordered a parent conference on August 15 to improve the quality of education imparted to the students studying in the primary schools of the state.

In this parent conference, the topic of children’s school attendance to the quality of education will be discussed. For this, preparations have been made to spend 1.94 crores by the education department.

Government schools per parent conference Rs. 300 while per kgvb school Rs. 600 will be given. Thus, the education department will spend 1.94 crore rupees for this convention.

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For 32267 primary schools across the state Rs. 1.30 crore and for 177 Kasturba Gandhi Balika Vidyalaya (KGVB) schools Rs. A grant of 64.88 lakhs has been allocated.

The parent conference to be held on August 15 will discuss and reflect on the overall academic development of the school besides discussing the various activities of the entire education.

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Regularity in admission of children, quality of education, admission of out-of-school children aged 6 to 14 years and special training programme, seasonal hostels and school on wheels project. Provision of equipment to children with special needs, knowledge of its use, proper planning of transport and escort facilities, drop out and girl education. Chintan, Gyankunj Project, Mission School of Excellence Program Cultural Activities, Sports, Tree Plantation, Water Conservation, Green School, Computer Lab, New Education Policy, Model School and Model Day School.Regards to be discussed with parents.

Members of SMCMC as well as parents of students studying in the school, local elder leaders, village role models, motivators and educators with charismatic personalities have been invited to this parent conference.

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