Out of hospital, Sweety hopes to take exams and look for a job Pipa News

Out of hospital, Sweety hopes to take exams and look for a job

“I will appear for exams and also sit for placements in college as I need a job,” said 20-year-old Sweety Kumari, a day after being discharged from a hospital in Noida. The last 22 days of hit and run followed, for some time, leaving him in a coma.

On New Year’s Eve, Sweety and two of her friends are hit by a car while returning to their place. He had suffered a head injury, which resulted in a clot and bleeding from the ear, following which doctors at Kailash Hospital performed a surgery. He has also suffered multiple fractures in both his legs.

Sitting next to Sweety in their rented flat in Greater Noida, her father Shiv Nandan Pal (54), a farmer from Bihar, said he was grateful to his friends for the crowdfunding that followed his treatment, which The cost was around Rs 11 lakh, the treatment was done. operated. “This is the first time I have come to Noida after Sweety took admission in an engineering college… I have hardly visited other districts of Bihar, leave alone Delhi-NCR. I didn’t know what to do when this incident happened. But his college friends were by his side and they raised a crowd of money for his treatment,” he said.

Her friend and fellow student Karan Pandey said that they started crowdfunding right after Sweety was admitted to the hospital. “We went to several colleges and IT companies and explained Sweety’s condition. We also ran a social media campaign; We have been able to collect around Rs 20 lakh so far, out of which around Rs 11 lakh was the cost of treatment. The rest of the money has been given to him. The Gautam Buddha Nagar police also contributed one day’s salary of theirs,” said Pandey.

In Sarathua village of Bihar, Pal is a landless farmer and cultivates on rented land. More importantly, he is a proud father to his daughter, who has managed everything in Noida on her own. “I would never be able to do what his friends did. She has been very independent since her school days in Patna. When she came to Noida, she also completed all the formalities and took the loan herself,” said Pal.

His family is hopeful that he will recover soon. Sweety said that after the incident she felt thirsty and often had pain in her head and legs. Her father said, “She often forgets small details and people’s names, but this is an after effect of the surgery and we are hoping that it will go away in some time.”


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