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Outcry in Pakistan amid economic crisis

Lahore. There is hue and cry among the people of Pakistan amidst the economic crisis. There are long lines to get flour. At least four elderly people have died in Pakistan’s Punjab province in the last few days while trying to get free flour from government distribution centers. Officials gave this information on Saturday. To deal with the skyrocketing inflation, the free flour scheme was started especially for the poor in the Punjab province. To take advantage of this, a crowd gathered at government distribution centers and many people died.

A senior Punjab government official told the ‘news agency’ that four elderly people died and many fainted in the last few days in Multan, Muzaffargarh and Faisalabad cities while trying to get free wheat flour. He said that these incidents took place due to the huge crowd of people and lack of facilities at the distribution centres. He said, “Two people died due to stampede and two people died due to exhaustion after standing in queue for hours.”

Allegations being made on the district administration
On the other hand, the police lathi-charged the people to make them stand in the queue. People have accused these distribution centers of not making proper arrangements by the district administration and less supply of flour. Resentment is being seen among the people of many areas of Pakistan due to non-availability of flour.

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