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Pakistan dismissed the US report as biased

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Islamabad: Pakistan has rejected the report issued by the US State Department on human rights violations, calling it biased.

Pakistan has rejected the 2023 human rights report issued by the US State Department. Pakistan called it contrary to facts, unfair and baseless.

A Foreign Office spokesman said the “biased” report released by the US was based on assumptions and contained statements that contradicted the facts.

The release of such reports in the United States is due to an objective lack of international agenda. Where the double standard is shown, which also harms human rights at the global level.

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Pakistan also expressed surprise that the US report completely ignored violations in Gaza and Occupied Kashmir.

In the statement, the Foreign Office spokesman said that the massacre and genocide of more than 33,000 civilians in Gaza has not only been ignored, but the silence of the United States on these crimes also raises questions about human rights.

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It was made clear that Pakistan is committed to strengthening the human rights framework and fully complying with international laws in line with democratic norms.

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