Pakistan government counted Imran crazy! Said – his mental balance is not good, takes cocaine Pipa News

Pakistan government counted Imran crazy! Said – his mental balance is not good, takes cocaine

Islamabad: Former Prime Minister of Pakistan Imran Khan’s problems are increasing day by day. On Friday, the government of Pakistan released his medical report. In this report, there are many shocking revelations about his health. The report also raised questions about his mental state. Not only that, he was shot during a rally last year. It has been described as a shame that he fractured his leg after this incident.

Pakistan’s Health Minister Abdul Qadir has released Imran Khan’s medical report through a press conference. Qadir has said that his urine sample was taken on May 9 after his arrest in the Al Qadir Trust case. The investigation revealed that he was using drugs like cocaine and alcohol.’

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He said, ‘This is your Prime Minister about whom a five-member panel of senior doctors is saying that his mental stability is questionable. There were some inappropriate indications. Khan’s medical report will be shown to the nation as it is a ‘public document’.’ On the other hand, Dawn News quoted the minister as saying, “The medical report says that when we spoke to Imran for a long time, his actions were not that of a healthy person.”

Patel also alleged that the preliminary report of Khan’s urine sample showed the presence of toxic substances like ‘alcohol and cocaine’. The minister also claimed that Khan’s medical report did not mention any fracture (broken bone) in his leg, even though he had been ‘walking around with a plaster cast on his leg for five-six months.’

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Khan escaped an assassination attempt on November 3 last year during a march against the federal government in Punjab province. His right calf was shot in the thigh. Patel said, ‘Have you ever seen someone apply a plaster to a wound on the skin or muscle?’ The minister said he would write to the disciplinary body of the Pakistan Medical and Dental Council (PMDC) for disciplinary action against the doctor who had ‘mistakenly’ declared that Khan’s leg was broken.

Calling the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) chief narcissistic, Patel said, ‘The former prime minister should be kept in a museum. Being a narcissist he sticks to his lies and calls them the truth. This self-confident person inflames people and misleads the youth.’

Khan’s medical report was made public amid a crackdown on the PTI and its supporters for the violence that erupted across Pakistan following his arrest from the premises of the Islamabad High Court in a corruption case. (with language input)

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