Parrot Enjoys Car Ride Sitting On The Open Car Window Video goes viral stg asp

We often see these white Julie, Tommy, Moti, Jimmy Dogs sitting in the front seat of their car. Sometimes the pet dog simply sits on the window with its front two legs without sitting on the seat and looks out, and if any dog ​​is seen, they ride in the car as if they were the king. Yes, most of these pets are looked after by their children, who carry them in their car and bike wherever they go.

If these animals are just out of the house, they can be happy. Especially when you face the outside of this car window and leave the ride in the wind blowing in front of you. It is not wrong to say that this ride is taken by not only children but also pets.

Parrot enjoying the car ride
Even videos featuring these birds and animals are still very popular on social media. It is not untrue to say that they give a different kind of enjoyment to the minds of onlookers. Provide healing. These videos also show animals enjoying simple things or birds doing different adventures.

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In such a video we can see the parrot sitting on the open car window and enjoying the car ride. The video was originally shared in February, but again these days it can be said that it is drawing people on social media.

The video is full viral on Instagram
This video was shared on June 7 by the Qtest Bird Instagram account page. He also wrote a cute title for this, “Super Hero”. The video was credited to Kokomouihuahi, which shared the video in February of this year.

The beautiful white parrot in this viral video shows him enjoying the fast breeze blowing through his feathers while sitting on the edge of a car window. There is also a string attached to the parrot’s foot to ensure its safety.

The video has been viewed over 1.8 million times and has taken over 1.7 lakh likes on its Instagram account page. Social media users were delighted to see this video and also posted beautiful notes in the comment section.

This is what social media users have said about this
“The parrot is doing so much. The owner cares about the safety of this beautiful bird and tied it to its legs. Others were so sad to see this video that they wondered why the owner wouldn’t let the parrot fly.

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Another commented, “The parrot wants to fly, but can’t. It feels like sitting on a window and flying into the air.” Another user raised concerns and said “it may fall down.” The channel that originally posted the video said the parrot’s name was Coco and that it was enjoying car-surfing on the roads of Maui.

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