Parth not satisfied with little rice, ironically ED

Calcutta: Ex-minister of the state arrested in teacher recruitment corruption case Partha Chatterjee ED is confused. The ED authorities are very concerned about his eating. Perth High is a diabetic patient. Doctors at Bhubaneswar AIIMS have advised him to give rice in large quantities. Partha is being given food as advised by the doctors there. During the last week or so, the ED’s repeated questioning has raised the possibility that his blood sugar level will rise further. His food list has been prepared keeping that in mind. But Parth is not willing to eat according to that list. Acquaintances and close friends know that he is a foodie. I want his rice twice. Since his arrest, the former minister was doing various things about eating. Partha is not satisfied with the small amount of rice offered. Forced, the ED officials resorted to ‘Madam’ Arpita. After that, Parthar stubbornly broke ‘Ma’am’ with a parental scolding. After hearing Arpita’s words, he agreed to eat the remaining two rotis after eating fish broth with a little rice. According to sources, the former minister did not take a bath for the first 2 days of his arrest.

Meanwhile, the investigators came to know about Arpita’s closeness with Parthar after questioning her. Arpita admitted under cross-examination that the suspended Trinamool leader suffered a mental breakdown after the death of his wife Babli Chattopadhyay in 2017. Since then, he started getting close to Arpita to overcome his loneliness. That closeness is still there. Day by day Parth became dependent on Arpita from all aspects. He had a long discussion with Arpita about the decision of his department or team. Arpita’s opinion was also given importance by this removed minister. However, it has been decided that Parth will also be questioned to verify the validity of Arpita’s claim. Arpita’s narration will also be compared with Parthar’s narration. However, the investigators are paying special attention to find out the source of the recovered huge amount of money. Incidentally, Partha Chatterjee will remain in ED custody till August 3 Arpita Mukherjee.

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