Passenger opens emergency exit gate Mumbai Samachar Pipa News

Passenger opens emergency exit gate Mumbai Samachar

The plane shook with the wind

An incident occurred when a passenger opened the emergency exit door on an Asiana Airlines plane that was preparing to land on Friday. However, after this shocking incident, the plane landed safely, but some people were injured, it was reported.

The incident took place on a South Korean Asiana Airlines plane. d. About 200 passengers were on board the Airbus A321-200 of Korea’s Asiana Airlines flight.

When the plane was about 200 meters (650 ft) above the ground, a passenger sitting near the emergency exit “opened the door manually by touching the lever”. Some passengers suffered breathing problems after the door opened unexpectedly and some were taken to hospital after disembarking.

However, no major injuries or damages were reported. The video of this incident is also going viral on social media. In which it is seen that the emergency gate of the plane is open, from where a strong wind is blowing, due to which people’s hair, clothes and all things are flying. People are seen holding their seat belts and holding the plane seats in fear.

A South Korean news agency reported that nine people were injured in the incident and have been hospitalized. Ashiana said, “The passenger has been taken to the police and is being questioned.

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