Peel school board announces new policy after allegations of systemic racism

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The Peel District School Board says it has implemented a new anti-racism policy as well as a strategy to ensure the success of black students.

The board says it has approved its “most comprehensive” plan yet, which will involve using metrics to measure and dismantle the practices and behaviors caused by perceived racial education disparities.

The move comes after CBC News reported on the experiences of black students in Peel classrooms.

Together, the students painted a picture of being isolated, isolated, and misunderstood at school—whether it was to reduce slavery, being asked why they were in a particular class, or the teacher assuming That he had poor English skills because of his accent.

The board says its new policy will include collecting data on issues such as bullying and suspensions, advancing a “culturally responsible curriculum”, training for teachers and promoting “racially responsible leadership.”

The policy comes two years after the board was the subject of an investigation by a third party appointed by the Ministry of Education over allegations of systemic racism.

The ministry appointed former Deputy Minister of Education Bruce Rodrigues to oversee the Peel School Board in June 2020.

Rashmi Swarup, director of education for the board, says that community voice is “at the heart of the policy.”

“To ensure better education and wellbeing outcomes for all students and their families, PDSB is committed to creating an equitable, anti-racist, oppressive and inclusive learning environment,” Swarup said in a statement.

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