Pension | Pension hangs due to wrong records, ST employees upset, going around offices Pipa News

Pension | Pension hangs due to wrong records, ST employees upset, going around offices

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Nagpur. Those who do not update the records of their documents during the job need to take a lesson. The same has happened with some employees retiring from ST Mahamandal. His pension is not being started because his record is not updated. At the age of getting pension, now they have to visit government offices to get the errors of records corrected, yet their work is getting delayed due to which they are upset.

According to the victimized ST employees, the Provident Fund Office (EPFO) has returned many such pension cases whose records in the documents are incomplete. When he went to the officials of the ST Mahamandal regarding this matter, a different answer is being heard there. Officials say that there is no problem of any kind in the record. All the problems will go away by linking the Aadhaar card. The work of linking Aadhaar card is not of them but of EPFO. In this matter, both the departments are putting the ball in each other’s court. Both the departments are blaming each other, due to which their problems have increased.

this problem is old

This is not the first case of pension being stopped due to error in documents. Even before this, the pension of many employees has been stopped. Many employees have taken 5 to 6 months and sometimes even more time to complete this process. Due to lack of knowledge of the rules, many employees are also facing problems. The process of pension is entangled in many rules and regulations. This is the reason why the employees have problems. They should take the help of a knowledgeable person in this process who can help them in completing this process.

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