People in Himachal Pradesh are excited about BJP Pipa News

People in Himachal Pradesh are excited about BJP

New Delhi: BJP National President JP Nadda has claimed to once again form a government in the state of Himachal Pradesh amid assembly elections by changing customs. In a special interview given to News18, JP Nadda said on the results of the Himachal elections that, ‘Even then the custom had changed, still we are talking about changing the custom. Ever since Prime Minister Narendra Modi entered public life, the practice of changing customs began. Even when he was the Chief Minister of Gujarat for a long time, the customs changed.

Customs changed where BJP is in government: Nadda

JP Nadda said that when Prime Minister Narendra Modi became the Prime Minister of India, the seat of NDA was 282 at that time. Second time the party crossed 300+. At that time, instead of ‘anti-incumbency’, the word ‘pro-incumbency’ was born. PM Modi goes among the people with a report card in ‘pro-incumbency’, communicates. Nadda said, ‘Wherever there is a BJP government, customs have changed one after another. Assam formed government for the first time, changed customs, formed the government for the second time, after 38 years in UP, a party formed the government for the second time. For the first time in Uttarakhand there is no change. Goa has formed the government for the third time. Similarly, customs are also changing in Himachal Pradesh.

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People are enthusiastic about BJP – Nadda

When asked what is the difference in the Himachal battle, the government is not repeating it, JP Nadda said – There was doubt in people’s minds about changing the tradition everywhere. But the custom that has changed every time, will change here too. People have unwavering faith and love in PM Modi, we have fielded Jairam. Taking it to the people. People are enthusiastic about it.

Nadda said for the Congress

Regarding the Congress, Nadda said that whatever the opposition says, people do not take it seriously. Congress has nothing to do with anyone. Whenever BJP says, says with understanding, it says deeply. Even if the entire Congress comes here, BJP will not lose anything. On a question about CM candidate Jairam Thakur, Nadda said that there is no other question about him.

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