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People with initial R are pleasant, charming, influential; Feel this quality of them

Mumbai, January 28: Most of the Indian people choose lucky alphabet to give their newborn baby a lucky name. Understanding the numerological significance of the letter helps in choosing the letter that corresponds to the date of birth, thus opening the door to a bright future.

#Letter R : People whose name starts with letter R are virtuous, powerful, pleasant, charming, influential and popular. The letter R is one of the most common letters in names. There is a deep meaning hidden in the lives of people of this letter. These individuals make friends easily. They like rich and helpful friend circle. Such individuals have the ability to influence people. So they get a lot of success in their career. Especially those related to politics and glamor industry are very successful.

Many successful people’s names start with the letter R. Such individuals are especially found in the fields of media, design, glamour, sports and music. These individuals appreciate real values ​​and virtues and apply their principles in a very practical manner. These individuals help themselves; But they don’t mind helping others too. They are generous and charitable in nature. They want to live a life of comfort and prosperity. These people work hard for it. These individuals do not resort to ingenious means of earning money.

People whose name starts with letter R are big-hearted and reach a prestigious position in the society. These people are very self-respecting. Women whose name starts with this letter are fond of housework. They should do physical exercise. Otherwise there will be health problems. These people are smiling and make others smile. So they are favorite in the family.

Boys whose names start with letter R gain popularity in schools and colleges. These people perform well in designing, computer, sports, astrology, Vedic science, astronomy, music, dance. Education Business, Technology, Training, Finance, Printing, Publication, Medicine, Detective Service, Sports Products, Electronic Goods, Metals, Food, Luxury Goods, Entertainment Business, Hardware, Contract Works, Chemical Goods, Gas Agency, Ships, Plywood Furniture etc. Using a name starting with the letter R for businesses in the field can lead to great success.

Auspicious Color : Red and Pink

Auspicious day: Tuesday

Auspicious Number : 9


1. In the morning, apply sandalwood or kunku on your forehead with the ring finger of your right hand.

2. Worship Mars once a year.

3. Donate red lentils to ashrams or beggars.

4. Install a 9 rod wind chime on the east wall of the house.

5. Women should wear red bangles.

6. Avoid meat, alcohol, tobacco etc. Avoid using products made from animal skins.

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