Peter Navarro reacted to the court ruling by trying to tear down a protester’s sign.

Former Donald Trump adviser Peter Navarro is apparently not happy that he won’t be able to claim executive privilege when he goes to trial. Contempt of Congress Starts on Tuesday.

In fact, he tried to take out his anger on a protester’s protest sign — only it didn’t go so well.

Navarro was indicted in June 2022 on charges that he refused to cooperate with a congressional investigation into the attack on the US Capitol on January 6, 2021.

Although Navarro claims that former PresJudge Amit Mehta on Wednesday ruled against the former Trump adviser, who expressly invoked executive privilege over his conversations about the 2020 election. According to ABC News.

During a hearing Monday, Mehta addressed Navarro’s claims of privilege “Too Weak Sauce” And Wednesday’s ruling said the former adviser had not provided specific evidence of an executive privilege claim.

Navarro appeared upset by the decision while discussing it with reporters on the courthouse steps. Although he attacked CNN first, he found another object of anger behind him: a woman with a sign that read “Trump lost.”

Not only did the woman make sure to place the sign behind Navarro so the news cameras couldn’t see it, but she brutally beat him.

“This is the same problem we have in America,” Navarro said. According to Hill. “Like, she’s ‘lost Trump,’ and, you know, that’s fine. She’s making her point.”

He was constantly under fire, especially when one of his supporters tried to block the woman’s sign by raising an American flag.

“He has a megaphone to interrupt. But when it comes time for me to share my thoughts with you, you saw what he did,” Navarro groaned. He stopped me while I was speaking. And she won’t even let an American show the American flag.

“Shame on you, ma’am,” he continued.

He tried to capture the woman’s sign, and it didn’t go so well as the clip below amply demonstrates.

Navarro’s inability to sign out protesters’ hands earned him ridicule on X, the site formerly known as Twitter, especially when protesters reminded him, “Bro, you already face charges. Is.”

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