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Pets sold from vending machines in China, video goes viral

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Buying food and drinks from a vending machine is common, and everyone has become familiar with its use, and because of this increasing use of technology, a vending machine has emerged in China that sells pets.

However, after seeing the machine, social media users criticized its makers and its users.

Vending machines have been installed in underdeveloped Chinese cities, selling pets rather than food.

A video of one such vending machine in a busy area of ​​Beijing has emerged where small animals can be seen locked in cages inside the machine.

After the video went viral, social media users started criticizing the vendor for not caring about animal rights.

Consumers question that in this way there is no basic respect for life on this earth, while one raises the question that those who sell animals in this way are people like us.

A user asked who authorized this project?

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