Pimpalner: Thieves in Sakrit broke five shops in the night; Thieves caught on CCTV Pipa News

Pimpalner: Thieves in Sakrit broke five shops in the night; Thieves caught on CCTV

Pimpalner (T.Sakri): Advanced News Service
The number of thefts has increased in Sakri city for the past few days. As the thieves have no fear of the police, the courage of the thieves has increased. On Wednesday (24th) in the middle of the night, the thieves made a lot of noise and targeted as many as five shops in different places of the city and gave a challenge to the police.

Thieves have rampaged in the city and on Wednesday (24th) midnight, thieves targeted five shops in one night. Interestingly, two shops were in the police station area. Thieves also tried unsuccessfully to break the shops in the market. At one place, thieves have been caught on CCTV while riding a bike. Due to the increase in the number of thieves in the city, an atmosphere of fear has spread among businessmen and traders. Apart from this, there is a question mark from the common people about the police work.

The thieves broke into Saideep Tea and Cold Drinks shop owned by Praveen Bhamre near the court on the highway and stole goods worth around three to four thousand such as cold drinks, biscuits and cigarettes from the shop. The lock of a tea tank near the same shop was also broken. The lock of the shop was broken and nothing was stolen from the shop. After that, the thieves shifted the march towards the market. Tried to break into Chitrai Krishi Seva Kendra on Laxmi Road. Two locks of this shop were broken. But, as the mainlock was not broken, the thieves’ attempt failed. An attempt was also made to break the lock of Sailani Chana Futane, a shop owned by Bapu Bhoi in Borse Galli. Thieves also tried to clean their hands in Sonar Galli. Thieves broke the lock of a goldsmith’s shop here. But the thieves did not get anything.

On Thursday (25th) morning, all the incidents of theft were revealed. How to do business? Such a question is bothering professionals. Interestingly, there is a police station at a distance from the two shops near the court that were broken into. What do the police do when the theft is happening under the nose of the police? Such angry questions are also being raised by the citizens. After the incident of theft came to light on Thursday (25th) morning, the police did not visit the spot till late. Lately the tourists in Borse Galli visited the lime-smelting shop and fulfilled their duties. At one place, these thieves have been captured while riding a bike. So the challenge is facing the police to find them. Meanwhile, till late afternoon, not a single case had been registered regarding the theft incidents.

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