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‘PM is the only person who has direct connection with Paramatma’, Rahul Gandhi attacks PM Modi

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Rahul Gandhi said that a person who is directly associated with Paramatma, what does he need in the Constitution? They speak directly. I’m a little scared, they have an atom bomb in their hands and I want to ask them. Narendra Modi ji, what kind of feeling do you have, does it come in the morning, night or 24 hours?

He also attacked PM Modi while addressing a public meeting in Delhi. He says I asked how Paramatma sent? “In the time of Covid, they say ‘thali baja do,’ while thousands of dead bodies are kept in Yamuna in Delhi. There is no space in hospitals. Rahul Gandhi said those sent by God are talking about lighting in the mobile flashlight at that time. He said that when the youth asked for work, the PM gave the idea of ​​’gas from the canal’.

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