PM Modi said there is a misconception that poor countries cause more damage to environment in climate energy health session at g7 imt

New Delhi : Prime Minister Modi on Monday attended the G7 summit in Schleswig-Holstein, Germany. Before the conference began, Prime Minister Modi met several world leaders and then addressed the first session of the summit. In his speech, Prime Minister Modi told all the countries of the world that it is a misconception that poor countries do more harm to the environment.

Explain that the first session of the G7 Summit was on climate, energy and health. Prime Minister Modi said that India’s history of more than 1000 years completely refutes this misconception or ideology. India has never wavered in its commitment to the environment.

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Showing a mirror to the world, Prime Minister Modi said that India has 17% of the world’s population, but our share in world carbon emissions is only 5%. The main reason is our lifestyle.

Prime Minister Modi said that access to energy should not only be the prerogative of the rich but also a poor family has an equal right to energy. Prime Minister Modi said that we have delivered LED bulbs and clean cooking gas to households in India and have shown that millions of tonnes of carbon emissions can be avoided to ensure energy for the poor.

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Prime Minister Narendra Modi said that our commitment to climate is clear from our performance. Prime Minister Modi said that we had achieved the target of 40% energy capacity nine years ago. At the same time, we achieved the target of 10% ethanol blending in petrol five months ahead of schedule.

Prime Minister Modi told Group of Seven that India has the world’s first fully solar powered airport. India’s great railway system will meet the target of Net Zero in the same decade. Prime Minister Modi said that we hope that the prosperous countries of G7 will support India’s efforts.

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