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PM Modi’s exams in the spotlight! ‘Don’t waste time watching reels, get enough sleep’ – News18 Assamese PiPa News

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PM Modi’s exams in the spotlight! ‘Don’t waste time watching reels, get enough sleep’ – News18 Assamese

Prime Minister Narendra Modi today discussed the children’s exams. Prime Minister Narendra Modi was seen teaching many techniques to students during this time. He advised the children not to waste their time watching reels and advised them to concentrate on their studies. He also told the children that it is very important to have a balance between eating and sleeping at this age. They should have enough sleep and not just look at mobile phones.

Prime Minister Modi spoke a lot to children about mobile phones. “A lot of people spend a lot of time looking at their cell phones,” he said. He asked the children to set a time to look at their cellphones and not to look at them all the time. And if necessary, only use cellphones after informing family members to solve problems related to mathematics or any other subject.

He said that just as mobile phones need to be recharged, this body needs to be recharged. This is what the body needs. He told the children to just read while reading and play when they wanted to play. Creating a balance in life is important, so having a healthy body and a healthy mind is important. Prime Minister Modi advised the students to sit and study in the sunshine sometimes as sometimes the sunshine also recharges the body.

PM Modi calls on teachers:

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has made several appeals to teachers. According to him, teachers must understand that their relationship is not limited to courses or subjects. Build a relationship with the children in such a way that they gain the students’ trust and the child does not hesitate to tell them if they need to. He said that teachers should love gifted children as much as they love weak children. Prime Minister Modi told the teachers that a teacher’s job is not just to do a job or change a job, his job is to improve life and empower it. Only such teachers can make a difference.

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