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Police arrested two accused – News18 Gujarati

Ahmedabad: A young man was killed by a sharp weapon wound near the Kalupur police post. In which the crime branch has arrested two accused from Vatwa area. It has come to light that this murder was done to take revenge after a fight in the marriage. However, two other accused in this crime are still absconding. Whom the police are currently searching for. One thing that is clear from the CCTV footage of the murder is that the accused are not at all afraid of the police, as the Kalupur police station is located a few steps away from the place where the murder took place.

Killed near Kalupur police post

Even though he is near the police post, two men come and stab a man named Nazim alias Zinga. Both the killers named Sadiq Hussain Momin and Liaqt Momin have been arrested for the crime. It may be mentioned that Rafiq Hussain and Nashir Hussain are absconding in this crime. The police are investigating. Importantly, there was a dispute between the deceased and the accused a few days ago regarding eating at a wedding. In which a settlement was reached in the local police station.Also Read: Sikandar Sheikh Caught With Mephedrone Drug Amount, Accused Claims To Have Brought Drug From Ahmedabad

The accused have been punished earlier too

Even though the settlement was reached, this kind of incident happened again. In spite of this, the complainant has mentioned in his complaint that when the complainant was going towards Sarangpur with his auto rickshaw, these accused were chasing him with another rickshaw and the ongoing rickshaw hit him with a weapon like a sword. After investigating the criminal history of both the accused in the custody of the Ahmedabad Crime Branch, they have been sentenced to five years in the crime of murder. And released from jail in 2019 itself.

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Police took action to take strict action

Even though these accused have served jail term earlier, they have yet again attempted a murder. So action has been taken to take strict action against them. It is worth mentioning that the police are continuously increasing the crime cases in Ahmedabad, so the police are also doing their work, and the accused are also being jailed. Despite the police action, the crime cases are continuously increasing.

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