‘Police Minister must take responsibility’, said Shatrup after meeting the families of the victims in Kaliaganj Pipa News

‘Police Minister must take responsibility’, said Shatrup after meeting the families of the victims in Kaliaganj

Kaliaganj: CPM Spokesperson Shatarup Ghosh met the family of the girl who died in the Kaliaganj case and Mrutyunjay Burman. On Monday, he spoke to the people of the two families and assured them of his support. At the same time, Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee was attacked over this incident. District Left Front secretary Anwarul Haque and other party leaders were with him on that day.

On this day, Shatarup met the two families and offered wreaths at the graves of the dead girls and young men. Talking about the death of Mritunjay, the CPM spokesperson said, ‘It is unthinkable in our civilized society that some people in uniform can act like such executioners. How an aquatic boy named Tallashir was killed. The whole people of Bengal know that. Why did the police shoot? It is not clear now. So far, the police have not given any explanation for this incident, nor have they taken responsibility. Shatrup claimed, ‘If the police had to fire in self-defence, some policemen would have been injured that day. The police could not say so much that the common people tore at least one button of their clothes when they came to search. The police could have saved the life of the shot Mrutynjoy by taking him to a local hospital. State Police Minister Mamata Banerjee should be held accountable for this incident.

Last April 21, a naked body of a girl was recovered from a pond near the house in Kaliaganj. It was alleged that she was raped and killed. Kaliaganj became furious in this incident. There are roadblocks from time to time. When the police reached the spot, they faced the wrath of the crowd. Protesters surrounded the police station to protest the incident. Even the police station was set on fire. Police personnel were beaten. While arresting the accused in the police station arson case, there was an allegation of death of a youth named Mritunjay Barman in police firing in Radhikapur. The uproar started across the state. Opposition parties started raising questions about the law and order situation in the state.

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