Police sports meet.. Police played games!– News18 Telugu Pipa News

Police sports meet.. Police played games!– News18 Telugu

Reporter : Naveen Nagilla

Location : Nagar Kurnool

In Mahbubnagar district, the high officials are conducting sports competitions for the police. The police who are constantly on duty are under intense pressure. They are available 24 hours a day to serve the public and work for public safety. Sports are organized by the police department to reduce the stress of the duty for those who perform such police work. These sports are arranged to develop mental excitement and inculcate sports spirit as well as physical strength through these sports.

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Nagar Kurnool District

As a part of this, Mahbubnagar District SP K Narasimha Rao has started the District Police Sports Meet 2023 specially for the District Police. These games are organized in the parade grounds of the district center. From police constable to SP will participate. In this, competitions like volleyball, football, 800 meter running, shot foot, high jump, long jump are organized. Special women teams are organized for women policemen and they are playing sports. Prizes and cash incentives will be given to the winning teams.

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