Police to investigate rape and confinement allegations against Gujarat Minister

News Daily Digital Desk: The young girl was picked up and imprisoned for serious allegations like rape. The police is going to start an investigation against the minister of Gujarat based on the written complaint filed by the former panchayat chief against his wife. Gujarat’s Rural Development Minister Mahamedabad Arjunsingh Chouhan may face cross-examination. Khera District Police DSP (DSP) said so.

The former panchayat head of Haldarvas village in Gujarat filed a written complaint with the DSP stating that Minister Arjunsingh Chauhan had taken away his wife and kept her in illegal confinement. Not only that, his wife is also a victim of rape. According to him, in 2015, Arjunsingh Chouhan sent a letter to his wife informing him that he had been selected as a candidate for the taluka panchayat in the elections. At that time he was the district BJP president. The wife stood in that election and won. From the following year, the minister called his wife again and again in the name of party meeting. And took them far away from home and enjoyed sex. Not only this, the complainant’s wife was also forced to be the bed partner of other influential leaders.

During the Corona period, the torture on that woman continued to increase. The former panchayat chief alleged that his wife used to tell him how Arjunsingh Chauhan was torturing him. During the lockdown, the current minister called him in the name of work and practically imprisoned him in his house. and ongoing sexual harassment. In the words of the complainant, “After knowing everything, I told the wife to file a criminal complaint against the minister with the police. But he did not agree. It made me realize that Arjunsingh Chauhan is so influential that a complaint to the police can cause great harm to the entire family.”

But the former panchayat head of Haldarvas village could not remain silent after seeing such a great injustice on his wife. Two months ago, the wife ran away from the minister’s house and took refuge in another village. After that he went straight to the DSP of the district and lodged a written complaint against the minister. And based on that, the DSP assured that there will be an investigation against the minister. It is known that the police is preparing to investigate such serious allegations against Arjunsingh Chauhan. When the minister was contacted in this regard, he did not get any response.

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