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Policy does not accept policing, Siddaramaiah instructed in a meeting of police officers

Bangalore: After taking the oath, Karnataka Chief Minister Siddaramaiah gave clear instructions to the police administration that the accused in any crime should not be considered on the basis of religion. At the same time, he warned in stern language that policy policing will not be accepted on anyone.

Chief Minister Siddaramaiah and Deputy Chief Minister DK Sivakumar held a meeting with top officials of the state police on Tuesday. And in that meeting, the two officials of the state administration informed the police officers in the form of specific instructions that if a police station does not take action by judging the religion of the criminal in any case, then the responsibility lies with the officers in charge of that police station. At the same time strict action should be taken against the officers of that police station as well as the police officers above him.

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During the election campaign in Karnataka, the Congress leadership made it clear that strict action would be taken against outfits like the PFI and the Bajrang Dal if it returned to power in the state. And four days after taking the oath, the administration led by the newly ruling Congress government in the state took the initiative to take direct action.

However, the BJP leadership approached the Election Commission against the Congress leadership after making election promises to take action against such organizations. The controversy has even reached the courts. And during the election campaign in Karnataka, former Chief Minister and senior BJP leader Yeddyurappa said that only after taking decisions like banning hijab in educational institutions.

The former education minister of the state that imposed the hijab ban has been defeated in the assembly polls, confirming the fears of the long-time Padma camp leader. Since coming to power, Siddaramaiah is trying to stop policy policing.

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