Popular front pfi men arrested naam tamilar leader seeman condemned Pipa News

Popular front pfi men arrested naam tamilar leader seeman condemned

As more than 100 members of the Popular Front of India have been arrested in various states of the country, Naam Tamilar Party Chief Coordinator Seeman has condemned this action.

In this regard, he has said in a statement issued today that- The central BJP government through the Central Enforcement Directorate, National Intelligence Agency etc. has launched excessive raids and arrests across the country targeting the organizations like STBI, Popular Friend of India and trying to stop them.

The continuous anti-sectarian activities and propaganda of pro-democracy movements such as STPI and Popular Friend of India cannot be tolerated, and the brutal repression and autocracy launched against these movements by the powers-that-be is a blatant revenge.

Up to 100 people arrested in NIA raids across the country

Conspiracies are staged in which the leaders of the STPI and Popular Friend of India movements are arrested and raids are conducted at their places because they are against the unjust actions of the central ruling BJP government which is unleashing sectarian politics and fascism and trying to divide the country by religion.

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He has expressed his strong condemnation and opposition to this act of the BJP government, which is undermining democracy with its power grab and moving towards a one-party system of government.

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