Praveen ‘Panch’ Pataka… Question Papers inside… Pipa News

Praveen ‘Panch’ Pataka… Question Papers inside…

Hyderabad, Andhraprabha: Every day new things are coming to light regarding TSPSC question papers. Praveen Leela, the prime suspect in the leak, is not all. On one side, question papers are leaked.. on the other hand, nude videos and photos of young women on cell phones. Apart from this, as the SIT officials are investigating, it seems that sensational things are coming to light. TSPSC paper leakage case has recently taken another crucial turn. Not just one paper.. It is reported in the SIT investigation that the accused Praveen had deleted all the 5 examination papers from the computer. The chief officers of SIT met with TSPSC officials.. When did Praveen and Rajasekhar get the password from an employee of TSPSC? how It is known that he inquired about the beating. As part of this, the police sent the pen drive of the accused Praveen to the forensic lab. Officials analyzed the pen drive and found that five question papers had been copied from it. It seems that Praveen leaked the paper according to a well-planned plan. It is known that Rajasekhar made many changes in TSPSC computer lawn to benefit Praveen. It is known that Praveen beat the paper bank with the help of Rajasekhar. It is known that Praveen has saved those papers in his pen drive. Along with the AE exam which was held on 5th of this month, Praveen also cracked the Town Planning Building Overseer exam papers which were to be held on 12th. Apart from this, Praveen has also kept with him the upcoming recruitment papers of Assistant Motor Vehicle Inspector and Ground Water Department. But Praveen planned to sell these papers in time.

It is learned that Praveen promised to give all future papers to another accused, Renuka. But the investigation revealed that Praveen told Renuka to look for the candidates who were going to write the remaining four exams along with the AE exam. It is known that Praveen said that he should bargain for the question papers instead of looking for them. Did you crack only these five papers? Or the SIT officials are inquiring deeply to get more information in terms of how many more papers he has beaten. After it was found that Praveen had failed the examination papers for the posts of AE, Town Planning, Assistant Surgeon, MVI and Ground Water Department, the AE examination was held on the 5th of this month. It is known that the TSPSC canceled the exam due to the paper leak. It is known that the TSPSC has already postponed the Town Planning Building Overseer exam to be held on 12th of this month and Veterinary Assistant Surgeon exams to be held on 15th and 16th of this month. Will the examination papers of the rest of the posts in the MVI and Ground Water Department be cancelled, as it has been recently revealed in the police investigation that he has also tampered with them? Or? It is yet to be clarified by the authorities. Both these exams are scheduled to be held in the month of April. Along with the MVI exam on April 23, the Ground Water Department exam is scheduled to be held in the same month. But did AE sell the other 4 papers along with the exam paper to anyone? It seems that the police are investigating in that sense. If these are also leaked then the already prepared question papers will have to be prepared anew.

And what about these exams?
TSPSC has released a total of 26 notifications, in which the examination was held for the posts of Extension Officer in the Women Development and Child Welfare Department in January this year. On January 22, the Assistant Executive Engineers exam was conducted and on February 26, the exams were conducted for filling up the Divisional Accounts Officer Grade-2 posts. Along with these, CDPO, AE, AEE, Food Safety Officer and other exams were conducted. In this AE (Civil) exam paper has been leaked and that exam has already been cancelled. Officials are investigating whether any papers have been leaked in the exams that have already taken place or are to take place. But since Renuka was close to Praveen from the past, she asked Praveen for a question paper for her brother and downloaded the paper from the computer and Praveen WhatsApped the girl. Thinking of cashing it in, the young man bargained with his friends. However, as there were differences in the matter of giving money, it was learned that another youth dialed 100 and disclosed the matter of paper leak.

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