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Pauline Bentinck brings to the stage the captivating story of three generations of women.

Head to the Pleasance Courtyard and be fascinated by the Bentinck girls from August 3.

Pauline was a finalist at Screenshot 2020 (image provided by Palin was a finalist in Screenshot 2020 (image provided by Erin Tse, Claudia Graham and Thisbe Casselini)
Pauline was a finalist in Screenshots 2020 (Image provided with release credits Erin Tse, Claudia Graham and Thisbe Casselini)

After Sophie Bentinck finds the suicide note of her grandmother, Pauline, she falls into a pool full of family secrets.

A journey that inspired this autobiographical and dark comedy on centuries-old tales.

Sophie discovers Pauline’s diary fifty years after she died of an overdose.

Family relics open the door to an unprecedented world where self-discovery, mental health and loneliness are in the limelight.

Kovid crashed the initial release of the show. During the pandemic, Sophie held on tightly to Pauline’s memory.

His mother was battling Alzheimer’s.

A paradoxical situation that inspired the Breakthrough Memoir Award winner to tell the empowering story of Bentick women.

The writer and artist said, “The show has now become an attempt to give a sense of the interconnectedness of memory through dialogue with excerpts from the diaries of the mother and my grandmother from 1944–1967: my own, my mother’s and my grandmother’s. ” ,

Pauline was a finalist for the Screenshot 2020 contest. “It’s important that this story is told,” said the judges and acclaimed actresses, Olivia Colman and Lolly Adefop.

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