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Pro-Palestinian protest, US police rescue female professor

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Photos courtesy of Social Media

A female university professor was knocked down and handcuffed by US police during a pro-Palestinian protest.

According to foreign media, students and faculty protested against Israel’s aggression in Gaza at several American universities.

According to foreign media, the female professor Caroline Fuhlen tried to confront the police while trying to arrest a student during a protest at a university in Atlanta.

According to reports, the 65-year-old female professor asked the police to stay away from the student, so one of the officers pushed her to the ground, while another police officer helped push the female professor to the ground. on earth.

Later, two policemen tied the female professor’s hands behind her back.

According to foreign media, the woman kept saying that I am a professor, but the police did not listen.

According to foreign media, the series of round-ups of student protesters protesting against the war in Gaza in American universities continues.

US police made mass arrests at universities across the country, where police also used chemical stun guns and stun guns to disperse protesters.

According to reports, more than 200 people were arrested for protesting at universities in Los Angeles, Boston and Texas on Wednesday and Thursday.

In addition, according to the American media, there were also clashes between the protesters and the police on the Ohio University campus, the police arrested more than a dozen protesters.

According to foreign media, students protesting at American universities said they were expressing their solidarity with the Palestinians in Gaza, where the death toll reached 34,305.

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