Projects from Regina’s catalyst committee require consultation, the executive committee said Pipa News

Projects from Regina’s catalyst committee require consultation, the executive committee said

The City of Regina Executive Committee has decided that more public consultation is needed before moving forward with most of the projects proposed by the Catalyst Committee.

At Wednesday’s meeting where the catalyst report was presented, councilors finally decided to postpone talks until March 22. Originally, the council was scheduled to vote on March 8.

“Our job is to engage with the public and make sure we have a thorough engagement process,” says Coun. said Shanon Zachidniak.

count. Bob Hawkins, who also co-chairs the catalyst committee, also tabled an amendment to get more involvement in each project as it progresses. That was adopted unanimously.

Tim Reid, the other co-chair of the catalyst committee, said public consultation is an important step.

“I do think that you should take the tax base into account. I think that happens when you know what your plan is, how much it’s going to cost and what you’re going to develop,” Reid said at Wednesday’s meeting.

A public survey will be completed prior to the March 22 council meeting for feedback on the location of the proposed multi-purpose event center. The catalyst committee recommended building the arena downtown, but previous public consultations overwhelmingly supported building an arena elsewhere.

“In each case, any projects that go through will come back to the council multiple times,” Mayor Sandra Masters said.

The only project that will not wait until March 22 for further discussion is the new aqua center. The Board will discuss that at its March 8 meeting due to time constraints on a federal funding application.

The catalyst committee hopes that $128 million from the Investing In Canada Infrastructure Program will be allocated to the new construction.

“I am hopeful that because we are aiming as close to zero as possible with this building, it will meet the parameters of the application,” said Masters.

Because the council has already approved some of the funding for the aquatic center, Masters said she’s “reasonably confident” that the council will vote in favor of building the aquatic center next week.

More details about the public inquiry will be released by the City of Regina in the coming days.


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