PropTech, Convention on Smart, Safe, Sustainable Building Tech to be Held at Expo Center on December 24Pipa News


PropTech, Convention on Smart, Safe, Sustainable Building Tech to be Held at Expo Center on December 24

On December 24, the expo center will host PropTech, a conference on smart, safe and sustainable construction technologies.

KARACHI: Landtrac.PK Pvt Ltd and Magna Engineering are organizing the first conference on PropTech (Property Technology) and Smart, Safe and Sustainable Building Technologies supported by ABAD and Build Asia on December 22, 2022 at Build Asia. Press release.

Eng.Naeem Khanani, CEO, Magna Engineering Pvt Ltd, introduced and explained that Proptech or property technology is a set of technologies accelerating the processes of renting, buying, selling and managing buildings. Examples of proptech include solutions working on big data, artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning, virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR), Internet of Things (IoT), 5G, and blockchain.

Farhan Anees, Vice President Ecommerce Gateway informed that they are organizing 16th Build Asia Exhibition from 24th to 26th December, 2022 and Conference on PropTech & SmartTech on 24th December, 2022 at Expo Center Karachi.

He shared his view that the adoption of technology and innovation in real estate was late compared to all other industries involved in the global digital revolution. With the modernization of the world around them, millennials need everything to operate quickly and efficiently, including the real estate market. As a result, this asset technology is catching up with other digital industries.

Engg. Naeem Khanani shared his views that Pakistan is expected to generate USD 1.2 billion by 2026 through exports of proptech based services such as Virtual Reality (VR), Augmented Reality (AR), Building Information Modeling (BIM), Metaverse and IT enabled engineering BPO There is a huge potential for estimated earnings of Rs. , Engineering graduates, IT professionals and gaming industry can change the landscape of proptech exports from Pakistan.

Atif Arafin COO Pvt Ltd informed the press that the main objective of the conference is to provide a platform to all the stakeholders to brainstorm their ideas and unleash the potential of proptech exports from Pakistan. We request the Federal IT Minister to consider the recommendations of the PropTech Convention. To increase exports related to Proptech.

Farhan Anees further explained that smart buildings are structures based on IoT technology that use hardware, software and connectivity to manage HVAC, lighting, security etc. and create a comfortable and safe environment for the occupants. The data is essential for understanding a building’s energy consumption and monitoring energy conservation.

Atif Arafin explained that the benefits of integrating smart building technology go beyond energy reductions and cost savings. Green building rating systems such as the Living Building Challenge and Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) allow building projects to earn points for certification.

Engg. Naeem Khanani explained that the main objective of organizing the conference on smart, safe and sustainable building technologies is to empower all concerned stakeholders to build and operate buildings at optimum level of air circulation with energy efficiency for natural lighting, lighting and HVAC systems To provide opportunity. The carbon footprint per square foot of area should be designed in such a way that it is net zero. Fortunately, there are currently around 18 to 20 buildings in Pakistan that are LEED certified and registered with the US Green Building Council. These include British Council Library in Lahore, NCC Karachi, Mega Corporate Office-Karachi, Karachi Cityplan, World Bank Country Office-Islamabad etc.

ABAD’s Raheel Rinch informed that ABAD is supporting this initiative and is fully engaged with not only the conference organizers but also to provide ABAD members with this conference to better understand the emerging technologies for the development of real estate. are invited to participate.

Atif Arafeen drew attention and pointed out that fire safety and fire prevention is the most neglected area in Pakistan and especially in urban cities like Karachi. In addition, periodic inspections of vertical transportation (elevators / elevators) are very necessary for the life safety of the occupants of large residential and commercial buildings.

Atif Arafeen also said that safe city is one of the most important requirements for all cities and especially for Karachi. This is due to rising crime rate and street crime, terrorism threats and increasing traffic challenges. Top priority to make your surrounding safe and secure. Traffic management and emergency management are again bundled under the Safe City initiative. Its purpose is to actively prevent crime, improve law and order in the city, analyze traffic violations, investigate incidents, and establish and control an immediate response mechanism when a critical incident occurs.

Engg. Naeem Khanani, who is also associated with the Industry Academia Linkage Initiative across Pakistan and has invited renowned industry experts from industry, academia, developers and builders under one roof for brain storming on smart, safe and sustainable construction The solution can be determined, which leads to SMART. Towards safe and sustainable urban settings and cities and ultimately towards Smart, Secure and Sustainable Pakistan.

Farhan Anees, Raheel Rinch and Atif Arafeen answered questions asked by fellow journalists and invited journalists to attend the first ever conference on PropTech and Smart Tech in Pakistan.

Engineer Naeem Khanani thanked all the media professionals and fellow journalists for their presence and warmly invited them all to attend the event to be held on 24th December, 2022 at Build Asia, Expo Center Karachi.