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Protest demanding cancellation of outsourcing system and permanent employment of hostel workers

Kalaburagi, Jan. 31: On Tuesday, the activists of the Karnataka State United Dormitory Workers’ Association staged a protest in front of the District Collector’s office, demanding that the outsourcing system should be canceled and the hostel workers should be made permanent.
The protestors appealed to the Chief Minister through the District Collectors and demanded that the outsourced workers should be continued in service till they are made permanent, Group D cooks, kitchen assistants, guards who have been serving in residential schools, hostels, colleges and ashram schools for several years, should be made permanent, contract and outsourcing system should be cancelled.
To increase the minimum wages of hostel outsourced workers to a minimum of Rs 35,950 per month, to scientifically fix the minimum wage taking into consideration price rise and inflation, to provide minimum wage for the outsourced workers in the hostels, to provide legally mandated weekly leave, leave for national festivals, occasional leave or double wages as per the Labor Act for working on holidays. He demanded strict enforcement.
To work only up to 8 hours per day, to pay double wages for overtime work after 8 hours as per labor laws, to pay lock-down wages, to file complaints against contracting agencies that do not pay monthly salary, EPF, ESI allowance every month, to enforce rules strictly, to pay wages every month from contracting agencies They demanded payment vouchers, ESI cards, housing facilities for workers working in residential schools to stay in residential schools with their families.
State president of the association K. State Secretary Mahesh Cheekalaparvi, District President Raghavendra MG, District Secretary Sharanu Heroor etc. participated in the protest led by Somasekhar Yadgiri.