Punishing Biden is 1 in 6 elections to consider retiring.

One in six retirees is now thinking about retiring because of the Biden inflation, which one analyst says “may be here to stay.”

Well, if Biden wins re-election, it will definitely be here to stay.

Patrice Onawonka laments on the far left. USA Today that the “fiscal insecurity” caused by inflation, itself caused by “reckless federal spending,” could be permanent;


People have connected the dots between wrong government policies and dire economic consequences. Inflation accelerated as supply chains were disrupted and government transfers to nearly every household spent nearly $2 trillion at a time of severe labor shortages. Putin’s invasion of Ukraine and other production disruptions made it worse.

The Biden administration and congressional Democrats passed a climate change bill they falsely labeled a deflationary law in hopes of fooling Americans, especially seniors. The bill does not address the rising costs of food, housing, or energy—the most basic and critical needs of households. Any climate savings will take years to come to fruition, and new costs for households — tens of thousands of dollars — could apply to new electric vehicles. Meanwhile, proponents of the law claim the green subsidy has more than tripled its value.

What can be more cruel than that to pass an inflation reduction bill which is the exact opposite of it?

Of those who have already been forced to retire, 55 percent say it was because they needed more money.

Liars in the White House and the corporate media keep assuring us that the inflationary crisis will subside soon, and then it always seems to.

The price of everything is exploding, especially housing. Meanwhile, his fraud Joe Biden is doing everything he can to ensure inflation continues to rise. The federal government wastes money by spending like a drunken sailor. Worse, Biden has allowed millions and millions of illegal aliens to invade our country, increasing the need for scarce goods like housing, which of course drives up housing prices. .

“Unlike other discretionary spending,” Onwuka Reminds We, “Housing is not optional. Increasingly, Americans are spending more on rent, and this disproportionately affects low-income people and older adults, especially those on fixed budgets. “Some 10 million households headed by people 65 and older pay more than a third of their income on housing, and half of them pay more than 50 percent,” she adds. “

Now add millions and millions of illegal aliens to the housing equation and see what happens.

Biden is deliberately punishing Americans who lived by the rules, who paid their taxes, saved and worked. Above the interests of these Americans, he is prioritizing the interests of millions of illegal aliens, who increase demand for everything, which drives up prices. everything

My personal plan is to retire in a little over four years. I’ll never be rich, but I’ve been saving for the day since I first opened a 401K in 1994. I love my job and the people I work with. This is not the problem. The problem is the dream… the dream of entering the third act of life with the time and money you want. That’s what countless Americans do—they protect and deny themselves instant gratification in anticipation of those golden years. So I can’t imagine what it must be like to enter that dream and then have it taken away. I can’t imagine the horror of unretiring, going back to the grind, re-entering the scary world on Monday morning.

Honestly, only idiots, child abusers, and masochists vote Democrat.

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