Rahul excuse, Adani has to be saved from JPC investigation! Congress targets Modi government, Jairam Ramesh said – Modi ji break the silence Pipa News

Rahul excuse, Adani has to be saved from JPC investigation! Congress targets Modi government, Jairam Ramesh said – Modi ji break the silence

The Congress party is constantly asking questions to the BJP and the Modi government on the issue of Adani. The party alleges that the BJP is engaged in creating a drama about Rahul Gandhi to divert the issue and save PM Modi’s friend Adani. Congress asked PM Modi the 100th question on Wednesday regarding Adani. Jairam Ramesh said, the policy and intention of the government is not good regarding Adani. For the last one month, the Congress has been continuously targeting PM Modi and the BJP over the JPC probe in the Adani case. The Congress party said that in a month the party asked 100 questions to PM Modi on the Adani issue. The PM should answer this, why has the PM kept silence in this matter. In this connection, the Congress also raised three questions on Wednesday.

Congress general secretary Jairam Ramesh said that a fundamental difference between the Supreme Court committee and the JPC is the questions that we (opposition) are asking. This can be proved only in JPC investigation. In JPC, the ruling party remains in majority and the president is also theirs, yet the opposition party can get a chance.

He said that the Supreme Court committee will prove to be a clean chit committee to the government. It will not ask proper questions to the government. Government’s policy and intention is not right about Adani, so don’t want to answer the question. We are not asking this question to industrialist Gautam Adani. We are asking these questions to the Prime Minister of the country, who should answer them in the House.

Jairam Ramesh said that the BJP government is looking for an excuse that somehow the opposition should withdraw the JPC demand. He said that, for the last three-four days, it is being said that if the opposition withdraws the demand of JPC, then BJP will withdraw the demand of apology from Rahul Gandhi. This is unacceptable to us. There is no relation between these two things. We are not ready to negotiate.

Targeting the BJP, the Congress leader said that the ruling party is working on 3D. He said, ‘Distort, Defame, Divert – 3D, I am using the language of the Prime Minister. He distorted the statements of Rahul Gandhi. Tried to defame him and now want to divert from Adani’s case.

Jairam Ramesh also gave an earlier example. Said, JPC was formed in 1992 when the Congress government was in power. It was also formed in 2001 during the Vajpayee government. Both the cases were related to the stock market scam. But this scam is not limited to the stock market only, but it is also related to the policies and intentions of PM Modi and the government. We are not saying that ‘Adani ji break the silence’. We are saying ‘Modi ji break the silence’.

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