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Rahul Gandhi spoke openly on marriage (watch video)

New Delhi: Congress leader Rahul Gandhi, seen by some as India’s most eligible bachelor, says he will marry when the right girl comes along and part of the problem is that his parents are “really lovely”. “Marriage” has set the bar too high.

In a free-spirited, light-hearted conversation on food and travel platform Curly Tales on YouTube, Gandhi switched from the ‘politics only’ track to discuss a range of personal issues, including her growing up years, her food preferences and her exercise regimen . ,

The 52-year-old former Congress president said he had nothing against the marriage. “Part of the problem is that my parents had a very sweet marriage and they absolutely loved each other, so my bar is very high,” he said, referring to his parents Rajiv and Sonia Gandhi. “

“When the right girl comes along. I’ll get married. I mean if it comes along, it will come along. It’ll be good.” When asked if he had a checklist for the person he wanted to marry, Gandhi said, “No, just a loving person who is intelligent.” During a recorded dinner conversation outside his container during the Rajasthan leg of his India Jodo tour, Gandhi said he is not very fussy about food and eats whatever is available but “peas and kathal ( peas and jackfruit)”.

Gandhi, who has been on the road since September when he started his India Jodo tour from Kanyakumari and is now in Jammu and Kashmir, said he is “very strict” about his diet when he is at home.

“But here I don’t have much option,” he said in a video of the chat posted by the Congress on its social media handles on Sunday.

Telangana was “a bit too spicy” for his taste. “The chili was a bit much. I don’t eat that much chili.” Asked what food is cooked at home, he said “desi khana” for lunch and some sort of continental food for dinner. He follows a controlled diet and avoids a lot of sweet things.

Gandhi said that he “tends to be a non-vegetarian” and likes all kinds of things like chicken, mutton and seafood.

His favorite dishes are Chicken Tikka, Seekh Kebab and a good omelette. He also said that he likes a cup of coffee in the morning

Listing his favorite eating places in the national capital, Gandhi said he would visit Old Delhi but for now his staples are Moti Mahal, Sagar, Swagat and Sarvana Bhavan, the first Mughlai cuisine restaurant and the other three serving South Indian food.

Discussing about his roots, he said that he has a Kashmiri Pandit family that migrated to Allahabad in Uttar Pradesh.

“Grandfather was a Parsi, so I am completely mixed,” he said, referring to his grandfather Feroze Gandhi.

He said that he was home-schooled after the assassination of his grandmother and former Prime Minister Indira Gandhi. After that his father Rajiv Gandhi became the Prime Minister.

“It was really a shock. The security people said we couldn’t go to school. I was in a boarding school, but they took us out before grandma died. When grandma died, they took us Wasn’t allowed to go back,” he recalled. ,

While some of the teachers at the school were exceedingly good, some were poor due to the pro-poor political position of their families.

Talking about his higher education, he said, “I was at St. Stephen’s for a year and studied history, and then I went to Harvard University where I studied international relations and politics.” Security issues arose after the assassination of his father in May 1991. He then went to Rollins College in Florida where he studied international relations and economics. He also holds a Master’s degree in Development Economics from Cambridge University, UK.

Giving information about his first job, Gandhi said that at the age of 24-25, he got a corporate job in the strategic consulting firm Monitor Company in London. His first pay check was around £2,500–3,000.

He mentioned three things he would do if he became the Prime Minister – changing the education system, helping small and medium scale businesses and protecting people going through difficult times including farmers and unemployed youth.

He said the idea behind the Bharat Jodo Yatra, which will end in Srinagar on January 30, is to counter the hatred, anger and violence spreading in India.

“Austerity is an important part of our culture in order to understand ourselves and others… That is another thought behind this journey.” Referring to his long walk, he said, “A lot of people are doing this penance with me, I am not alone. There are a lot of ascetics here, people from other states are joining and walking all the way.” Gandhi, whose fitness levels have been the talk of the town as he walks nearly 25 kilometers from Kanyakumari to Kashmiri every day, also talked about his interest in scuba diving, free diving, cycling, backpacking and the martial art aikido.

“I used to box in college and have always had some sort of physical exercise. Martial arts are very convenient; they are not designed to be violent and it is quite the opposite. The wrong way to attack is taught.” But if you get it right, it’s great for you.” He also takes daily martial arts classes on the trip.

At his head is a Rudraksha, pictures of deities like Shiva and his wallet.

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